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SKB Gun Cases

SKB Gun cases are made to withstand the abuse of shipping and transit. SKB rotationally molded and SKB Injection Molded Gun cases are made to meet the military standard for gun shipping cases. An SKB gun case is the best of its kind and will not chip, dent or ever lose its finish. An SKB gun case is built heavy duty in order to be transported in any environment including war, industrial transit, and extreme weather conditions. SKB gun cases that are military standard are the toughest type of case out there. SKB vacuum formed gun cases are built to meet ATA 300 Category 1 specifications. These (not military standard) SKB gun cases are still made to be shipped by any carrier and will hold up to a minimum of 100 trips. SKB is so confident in their gun cases that they will replace or fix your gun up to $1500 with most cases. With insurance for your gun like this, how can one even question the cases' protective capabilities.

SKB Rifle Cases

SKB Case 2SKB-3209
Skeet / Breakdown Case
32" x 9" x 5.5"

SKB 3I-3614-CB
Breakdown Shotgun Case
" x 14.50" x 5.50"

SKB 3I-3614-CB-D
Double Shotgun Case
" x 14.50" x 5.50"

SKB 3I-3614-DR
Double Short Rifle Case
" x 14.50" x 5.50"

SKB Case 2SKB-4009
Short 40" Double Rifle Case
40" x 9" x 6"

SKB 3I-4217-DB
Short Double Rifle/Bow Case
40" x 16" x 6.5"

SKB Case 2SKB-4114
Double Bow or Bow + Rifle(s)
41" x 14" x 6"

SKB 3I-4214-5
42.50" x 14.50" x 5.50"

SKB Case 2R-4417-8
Bow, Rifle, Carbine Combination
44.25" x 17.5" x 8"

SKB Case 2SKB-4900
Single Rifle with Scope Case
48" x 9" x 4"

SKB Case 2R-4909-5
1 Gun Case
49.5" x 9" x 5.5"

SKB Case 3I-4909-SR
1 Gun Case
49.00" x 9.00" x 5.00"

SKB Case 2SKB-5009
Long 50" Double Rifle Case
50" x 9.5" x 6"

SKB Case 2R-5212-7
2 Gun Case
50" x 10" x 6.5"

SKB Case 2SFR-5013
Economy 50" Double Rifle Case
50" x 13" x 4.5"



SKB Case 2SKB-5014
Long 50" Quad Rifle Case
50" x 14.5" x 6"

SKB 3I-5014-6
50.50" x 14.50" x 6.00"

SKB 3I-5014-DR
50" Double Rifle Case
50" x 14.5" x 6"

SKB Case 2SKB-5114
49.00"L x 13.00"W x 6.00"D

SKB Case 2SKB-6019
ATA Rifle Case
56.00" x 17.00" x 5.00"



SKB 2R6416-8
ATA Rifle Case
62.00" x 14.00" x 6.00"

SKB 3R6218-10
62.00" x 18.00" x 10.00"

SKB 3R6223-10
62.00" x 23.00" x 10.00"



SKB Pistol & Revolver Cases
(All are Military Standard)

SKB 3I-0907-4
9.25"L x 7.12"W x 4.12"D

SKB 3I-0907-6
9.87"L x 7.00"W x 6.12"D

SKB 3I-1209-4
12.00"L x 9.00"W x 4.50"D

SKB 3I-1610-5
16.00"L x 10.00"W x 5.50"D

SKB 3I-1711-6
16.87"L x 11.18" x 6"


SKB 3I-1813-5
18.50"L x 13"W x 4.75"D


SKB Gun Bags

SKB Bag 2SKB HG09 (4 Pack)
8.75"L x 5.75"D

SKB Bag 2SKB HG12 (4 Pack)
12.00"L x 6.75"D

SKB Bag 2SKB HG15 (4 Pack)
15.00"L x 6.75"D

(4 Pack)

11.00"L x 7.00"D

(4 Pack)

44.00"L Rifle Bag

SKB Bag 2SKB PS46-G4
(4 Pack)
46.00" L Shotgun Bag

SKB Bag 2SKB PS50 (4 Pack)
50.00" L Shotgun Bag

SKB Bag 2SKB PS52-G4
(4 Pack)

52.00" L Shotgun Bag

(4 Pack)

32.00" L Take Down Bag

34"L x 9"W x 5.5"D

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